Investigation website ProPublica’s latest report has cast doubt on Whatsapp Privacy Policy. It has been stated that Whatsapp has hired 1000 content reviewers. The whole content shared by them is being reviewed by these people.


Whatsapp claims that the data being shared by the users is end-to-end encrypted which means that the company’s employees do not know what has been shared by its users. But, the report has stated the complete opposite of it. It shows that the content shared is being read and viewed by the employees.


This has given rise to a whole new controversy.


Those assurances do not seem to be true. WhatsApp has more than 1,000 contract workers filling floors of office buildings in Austin, Texas, Dublin and Singapore, where they examine millions of pieces of users’ content.


Whatsapp users are constantly screened by artificial intelligence systems. Their placement is done through Tech Company Accenture. For this work, these people get about 1200 rupees for an hour.


If this practice continues in the future, Whatsapp can share the details of its users with other companies and earn money from it. You talked about going shopping with your friends. WhatsApp can share this conversation with online shopping companies and show you shopping-related ads. In this way, they can earn a large sum of money.


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About the whole matter, when it’s asked to Carl Woogh, Whatsapp Director,  clarified that it is true there is a team of contractors in Austin and elsewhere who read the messages, but this team can only read the content that has been reported. The job of this team is only to read such content which users report in any category like fraud, child pornography, hate speech, terrorist conspiracy, and any other category.


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