Mukesh Khanna is often seen talking about social issues on social media. Recently, the actor took a dig at Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn. Khanna slammed the ace actors for promoting tobacco. On social media, the actor shared a photo of himself with Ajay Devgn. Mukesh Khanna asked via cation that whether have you ever eaten this or not?

Mukesh wrote, "बोलो ज़ुबान केसरी , ऊँचे लोगों की पसंद , मैं यूं ही नहीं बन जाता, आई एम द मेन ऑफ ऑल सीजन। क्या है ये सब? लोगों को भ्रमित करने का ख़तरनाक रास्ता। हानिकारक वस्तुओं का नाटकीय ढंग से दुष्प्रचार। कोई नहीं रोकता इसे, ना खाने वाला, ना प्रचारक, ना ही सरकार। किसके बाप का क्या जाता है।(Say Zuban Kesari, the choice of high class people, I don't become like this, I'm the man of all seasons. What is all this? Dangerous way to confuse people. Dramatic propagation of harmful goods. No one stops it, no eater, nor publicist, nor government?)

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Khanna also shared a video on this on his YouTube channel and said, "There are many products around us that are harmful to the body. But still, the government approves them. I am talking about cigarettes, alcohol, and tobacco. I am more surprised by the Bollywood actors than the government who promote it by giving their face."

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