To mark the reopening of theaters post-COVID due to pan India-induced lockdown, the Multiplex Association of India which earlier scheduled September 16th to celebrate National Cinema Day has now been postponed for a week to September 23rd.

After the announcement of shifting to the 23rd of September, there were several ruckuses and confusion as to what will happen to the tickets that have been pre-booked. To remove all the clouds over it here is a detailed explainer of all your doubts about ticket pricing.

The tickets for the 23rd will still be made available at Rs 75. For the 23rd of this month, people who wish to visit the theaters can book their tickets through BookMyShow and other applications supporting the booking of tickets but they are entitled to take additional charges on top of Rs 75.

In order to avoid the additional charge, you can line up in the queue like the good old days and make the most of the upcoming National Cinema Day.

During its announcement earlier the association said that the reason behind observing such a day and issuing tickets worth Rs 75 to watch the movie in theaters pan India is to celebrate the occasion to mark the successful reopening of cinemas after the havoc caused due to COVID-19 and as a “thank you” gesture to moviegoers.

“The celebrations will be held at more than 4000 participating screens and will include cinema screens of PVR, INOX, Cinepolis, Carnival, Miraj, Citypride, ASIAN, Mukta A2, Movie Time, Wave, M2K and Delite, and many others.

Is National Cinema Day on Sept 16th or the 23rd? Here is all you need to know!

Moreover the celebration, the association is also eyeing to prompt others to visit the theaters who haven’t started yet after the pandemic.

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