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As our dependence on transport is increasing for our ease, the risk of using it without precautions is also affecting us. Every year almost more than one lakh people die in road accidents. With the view of spreading awareness among people regarding road safety, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways themed this year's Road Safety campaign as 'Sadak Suraksha Jeevan Raksha'.

On this Road Safety let us know some of the basic reasons for road accidents and the negligence we do with our safety:

Lane Indiscipline

It is in human nature that we don't like to wait, but is it okay for our safety? Lane indiscipline is a very common reason that leads to road accidents. If the driver tries to go out of bounds of his lane, they will crash into other risking others life too.

Over Speeding

The most common reason for road accidents worldwide is over-speeding. When we go beyond our speed limits, we invite the risk ourselves. Government data suggests that over 70 percent of road accidents occur due to over-speeding. Injuries caused by road accidents are also major.

Drunk Driving     

Driving on the road means you are accountable for the life of those who are with you along with those who are around you. Many cases 0of Drunk and driving are registered every year. In this type of accident mostly the other person rather than the driver lost their life.
Not following the traffic rules

Wearing seat belts or helmet is necessary for the safety concerns but people don't take it seriously. Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk while an accident. A helmet can secure your life from mishappening.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones can also be considered as a very common reason for the road accidents. People use mobile phones while driving or riding. Even people who are not on vehicles use mobile phones and collide into cars or scooters. Some people also wear headphones making them unable to hear the sounds near them.

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