New PPCC President Navjot Singh Sidhu has arrived at Chief Minister’ office in Punjab Civil Secretariat in Chandigarh. The meeting is being attended by four newly appointed Working Presidents of the PPCC.   

Sources claimed that issues related to the employees are on the top of the agenda of the meeting but instead Navjot Sidhu has handed over a letter to the Chief Minister, asking to act immediately on the points highlighted in the letter.  

Sidhu’s letter reads Punjab needs a stern, decisive, inclusive and compassionate leadership more than ever before to fulfil the genuine demands of every Punjabi, Punjab congress workers stand firm in their resolve with their esteemed high command’s 18 point agenda-our guidebook to deliver justice to every Punjabi. After multiple deliberations and consultations with party workers across Punjab to understand the public sentiment, we write to these five priority areas that the government must act upon immediately.

1. People of Punjab demand justice for Punjab’s soul by punishing the main culprits behind the sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib ji and police firing incidents at Kotkapura and Behbal Kalan.

2. The big fish behind drug trafficking in Punjab as mentioned in the STF report must be immediately arrested and given exemplary punishment.

3. Agriculture is the backbone of Punjab, and as we all protest against the centre’s three black laws, the government of Punjab must not merely recommend amendments to a few clauses in the three black laws but reject them completely by announcing that they will not be implemented in Punjab at any cost. As we did in the case of SYL, such stern resolutions are needed from the Vidhan sabha today and I must assure you that the MLAs are ready.

4. Our government must fulfil your 2017 election promise by cancelling the faulty power purchase agreements without any further loss to the state exchequer.

5. Today, more than 20 unions (Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, linemen, Safai workers etc) are protesting across the state. A compassionate leadership that is ready to listen and take steps for the inclusive development of all is needed. Govt must open the door for discussion, consultation and deliver what it can, considering its fiscal means immediately.

The letter, signed by Sidhu and four working presidents of the PPCC further said that nothing great was ever achieved without an act of decision. We request you to act immediately. 

(By Dinesh Sharma)

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