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Punjab Congress chief Navjot Singh Sidhu and party leadership are once again expected to be in a disagreement. Sidhu’s list of district Congress committee presidents and working presidents is awaiting approval from the party's high command, for almost two weeks now. Senior party leaders are said to have objected to Sidhu's list because it clearly illustrates favouritism and biases.

Several Punjab MLA’s and MPs have objected to the DCC model as they claim the list only include names of Sidhu loyalists and close confidants. Meanwhile, reports allege that the Congress leader had rebuffed recommendations from a number of MLAs, including former PPCC chief Sunil Kumar Jakhar while preparing the list. In addition, Sidhu has always recommended three DCC presidents (DCC president and two working presidents) for each district Congress committee.

"The high command does not approve of this. Sidhu can appoint his own team, but most recommendations come from MLAs and other key leaders. Also, Sidhu's model of having two working presidents has yet to gain traction," said a source familiar with the situation.

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Punjab has 29 districts Congress committees. The Congress could have accommodated 87 leaders from across the state if it had followed Sidhu's model. Sidhu is the chairman of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, which has four working presidents.

The list is still pending in the office of Harish Chaudhary, secretary in charge of the All India Congress Committee (AICC). According to an AICC source, Chaudhary " intends to bring everyone aboard."

Sidhu and Chaudhary are expected to meet soon to discuss the list and amendments.

However, a senior party leader stated that the party wanted to give Jakhar a significant role. "But what's the point if his recommendation isn't accepted?" he said.

In addition, the party is unsure about changing the model of district Congress committees so close to the Assembly election in 2022. "If there are protests, it will be difficult to deal with them," one leader anticipated.

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