The world hasn't come over from the Omicron spike and the new one is already here.  The newly detected covid variant from South Africa named NeoCoV is said to be the deadliest variant so far.

The scientists from China's Wuhan Lab have warned about the new strain of covid. The new variant has a high transmission rate and high death rate. According to scientists, the new variant enters the human cells in the same way as SARS-CoV-2. The researchers also said that it is related to Middle East respiratory syndrome MERS-coronavirus. The variant shows the same symptoms as SARS CoV-2. 

"Furthermore, our studies show that the current COVID-19 vaccinations are inadequate to protect humans from any eventuality of the infections caused by these viruses," says the research paper published on the bioRxiv website. The study has not yet been peer-reviewed and has been released in preprint.

The paper adds, "Considering the extensive mutations in the RBD regions of the SARS-CoV-2 variants, especially the heavily mutated omicron variant, these viruses may hold a latent potential to infect humans through further adaptation via antigenic drift."

As per the reports by the Vector Russian State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology, "Experts from the Vector research center are aware of the data that Chinese researchers obtained regarding the NeoCoV coronavirus. At this time, it’s not about the emergence of a new coronavirus capable of actively spreading among humans."

The recent variant of Covid, Omicron was also detected in South Africa and due to its high transmissible, reached every part of the world. The variant has a low death rate but this NeoCoV is said to be a deadly variant by the experts. 

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