iPhone 13 to have satellite connectivity; everything you should expect from today’s official launch

The long awaited Apple launch is all set to be organized tonight at 10:30 pm IST

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The all-new iPhone 13 will be launched tonight at 10:30 pm IST. The iPhone 13 series is said to have a satellite connectivity feature that will allow the user to make phone calls and send messages. 

With the help of this feature, the user can call anywhere in the world directly with the help of a satellite, even when there is no network. Along with the new series of the device, there will also be the launch of the Apple 7 Series and AirPods 3. 

According to the rumours, the new device will also be able to unlock the device while wearing a mask.
Can we use satellite phones in India?

According to the information received, the Department of Telecommunications, satellite phones are not completely banned in the country. Although it is not banned, anyone owning a satellite phone has to have permission from the government to use them. 

To use such phones, the owner has to have a Non-Objection Certificate from the Department of Telecommunication. Besides that, the user must hold a license to operate the phone.
Where can you watch the official launch of the Apple device?

You can watch the official launch on Apple’s event page and on Apple’s official YouTube channel. You can also set reminders for the same to know when the streaming starts.
What is new about the iPhone 13 device?

The new Apple device will have a storage facility of up to 1TB and also a satellite calling feature.
What all will be launched tonight?

Along with the new device, the 3 versions of the same will also be available, including iPhone13 Mini, iPhone13, iPhone Pro, iPhone Pro Max. Other than that, the new Apple Watch 7 and AirPods 3 will also be released.

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What all-new colours will be available?

Other than the existing colours the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will be available in Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red and White. While the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will be available in Black, Brown, Gold and Silver.