New York UFO video: US woman films unidentified 'flying cylinder' hovering over LaGuardia Airport

A woman named Michelle Reyes filmed the UFO video flying over LaGuardia Airport in New York City.

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What is being called the closest encounter with Aliens' UFO, a woman in the United States shared a video she took while flying on a plane that caught an Unidentified Flying Object on the camera. A woman named Michelle Reyes filmed the UFO video in New York City. As per Michelle Reyes, the UFO was caught on camera hovering over the LaGuardia Airport. Last month when Michelle Reyes, a passenger aboard a commercial flight on March 25, reported seeing an unusual object from her airplane window. Now, UFO New York City video is going viral on social media and social media users around the world are indeed curious to know whether that was a real UFO. 

Describing it as a "flying cylinder," Reyes captured video footage of the anomaly, sparking widespread speculation and concern. Notably, Michelle Reyes reached out to authorities about what she perceived might be a safety hazard, and immediately emailed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Michelle Reyes was quoted by a US media saying, "The first thing I did was email the FAA to let them know what I saw." 


However, her concerns went unacknowledged as she received no response from the FAA. Notably, New York UFO video caught the eye of Thomas Wertman, the state director of the Mutual UFO Network in Ohio, who conducted an analysis for a US media portal. 


After reviewing the video, Thomas Wertman concluded that the object was neither a news helicopter, a drone, nor a military-operated aircraft. He pointed out that the object's altitude, shape, and proximity to a major commercial flight path made these possibilities highly unlikely.


It means the possibility of UFO spotting was not ruled out. 


Reacting to the video, a user wrote, "Is it a Boeing? Could be part of the plane..."


Another user wrote, "Can someone explain how a jeoing737 can be mistaken as a ufo?"


"That plane was going at least 300mph at that altitude on the final decent probably around 3400 ft - it looks like the object was close and stationary. If it was an object going 16k mph in the opposite direction, no way the frame rate on the cellphone cam was high enough to capture the object. Not taking away from the danger of an un-identified object in airspace; however, just pointing out a different perspective on speed. Could have been a balloon or weird shaped drone hovering. If you don’t think weird shaped drones exist, go spend some time on YouTube," wrote another user. 


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