VK Paul, a member of NITI Aayog at a press conference at the Ministry of Health, states, “In some cases, the fall has slowed. It’s a warning signal. The next 100 to 125 days are important for the fight against COVID in India.” 


Member Health, NITI Aayog, shared a study conducted by ICMR to analyze the vaccine efficacy of police personnel. This study shows that two doses of the vaccine were successful in preventing 95% of COVID-19 deaths in the second wave.


He continued further, “A single dose of the vaccine was able to reduce mortality by 82%. A single dose of the vaccine was successful in preventing 95% of COVID-19 deaths during the second wave.”


“We are moving towards the set goal of administering a dose of 50 chlores by July. We are on the road to achieving that. The government is 6.6 billion. I ordered Rupees Covishield and Covaxin, and a dose of Rupees 2.2 billion will be sent to the private sector, “he added.


Dr VK Paul said, “Our vaccines are effective and very safe and must be administered by people with pre-existing medical conditions, pregnant women and lactating women. However, we cannot completely rely on vaccines. ''


Paul also highlighted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given them a target that there should be no third wave.


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Union Health Ministry, Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal said, "Analysis shows a projected decline in the use of face masks as we resume activities. We should incorporate the use of face masks in our lives as a new normal."


Agarwal noted that daily new cases in the country continue to show a decline during the second wave.


"Average daily new cases declined from 3,87,029 cases between May 5-11 to 40,336 cases between July 14-July 16," said the Joint Secretary. 

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