'Winter is Here' for the United States of America and the 'Bomb Cyclone' is wreaking havoc in the country. The United States of America especially Western New York has been paralyzed by a continuous storm that authorities dubbed "blizzard of the century". Since December 24, 2022, the US has been engulfed in a massive snowstorm which has left many dead and millions affected in cold-chilly weather. Amidst a massive US 'Bomb Cyclone', multiple pictures and videos of Niagra Falls have been going viral and it is indeed a sight to behold. At a time when the US has been facing record-breaking blizzards, particularly in Buffalo, where bodies were discovered in vehicles and under snow banks, Niagra Falls pictures and videos are like a treat for sore eyes.

Due to the recent wave of sub-zero temperatures that have gripped the region, the falls have been transformed into a partially frozen winter wonderland. While parts of the falls were frozen, the sheer volume of water that gushes over, combined with the constant movement of the raging liquid, ensures that they almost never completely freeze. Niagara Parks website stated that during particularly cold temperatures, the mist and spray begin to form a crust of ice over top of the rushing water, making it appear as though the Falls have in fact stopped. However, the water continues to flow underneath the sheets of ice. Furthermore, Niagara Falls New York State Park suggests that around 3,160 tonnes of water flows over Niagara Falls every second. It is falling at a rate of 32 feet per second.

With the US engulfed in a cloak of a blizzard, Americans have been sharing multiple videos and pictures on Twitter.

Niagra Falls US Blizzard

A Twitter user shared some pictures along with videos and wrote, "The day after the great freeze, my family and I went to #NiagraFalls. The #NiagraRiver below it had ice thick enough for you *to technically* get to #Buffalo, #NewYork by foot! Was it an intriguing and surreal Arctic experience for a kid from California, yes!"

US deadly blizzard: New York becomes the most affected city, death toll reaches 50

"Niagara Falls froze this week," wrote another user.

"Niagara Falls has frozen a few times in History. 1848, 1911, 1912, 1917, 2014 and 2015" wrote another user.

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