Indian food is loved by people across the world as it has unique flavors, for its nutritional value and simplicity. Many international food bloggers try desi Indian food and their reactions are priceless. One such reaction was expressed by a Nigerian man, when he tasted Lamb Vindaloo, a Goan dish for the first time. 

His American wife insisted him visit an Indian Restaurant and try Lamb Vindaloo. The video was shared by an Instagram page named – Taccara Rae and Lamboginny. In the video, they entered an Indian Restaurant in the US and try Indian desi food to check whether the food is “a hit or a miss.” 

In the video, Lamboginny is heard ordering Lamb Vindaloo and said that he would not pay if the dish would not taste ‘sweet,’ waiter replied that it would be ‘spicy.’ Lamboginny takes the first bite, and pauses as the flavors explode in his mouth. He liked the food and turns his cap around and hands over his sling bag to his wife to be able to enjoy the food. 

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Later, he asked the waiter to bring more rice and ordered two more plates of the dish for takeaway. The video was concluded and he told the waiter, “I am going to pay double.” Later he said, “I am already an Indian and India has done me good.” 

The video is now viral on the internet because of Lamboginny’s priceless reaction. Watch the viral video here: 

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After watching this video, many Indian welcomed the pair to India and suggested them some Indian desi dishes. Here are the reactions of users. One wrote, “Please visit India... you'll have varieties of food you gonna love.” While another commented, “Visit India and you'll love our foods. Do not forget to try the infamous 'machh bhaat' from Kolkata.”

 Third commented, “Try out South Indian food sometime!!” and another suggested to try Bengali food and wrote, “Try Bengali foods, you will love it.”

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