People are always delighted about their wedding. They look forward to it for months as it marks the start of their new lives. However, there are several no-nos that can turn this beautiful day into a conflict between bride and groom, and chewing tobacco during a ritual is one of them.

In a bizarre and hilarious incident, the angry bride slapped the groom as he was chewing Gutka (tobacco) during wedding rituals. The amusing incident was captured and the video went viral on social media leaving people ROFL.

The incident occurred on the wedding pavilion as the bride and groom were seated next to each other, surrounded by close family members. Just as the ceremony was about the begin the bride gets enraged and starts screaming at the groom and then slaps him.

The conflict grows while no one at the wedding tries to defuse the situation. The bride becomes furious after learning that her husband is chewing tobacco, which she despises. The groom was obliged to rise up and spit the tobacco from his mouth when she slapped him.

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When the groom gets up to do so, the relatives and guests rush to one side to avoid getting spat on, adding to the craziness of the hilarious episode.

The video is gaining popularity on social media with some viewers applauding the bride's reaction and others criticising the groom for eating tobacco at his wedding. Some even argued that the video was staged in order to increase public awareness. It has gotten approximately 2 thousand likes and a lot of hilarious comments since it was shared a day ago.

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