Saravjeet Singh, a Sikh 'warrior' or Nihang has alleged "no regrets" for the brutal murder of a Dalit man at a farmers protest site in Haryana's Singhu yesterday.

Following his surrender on Friday, Singh was brought before a local court today and sentenced to seven days in police custody. The authorities had argued for 14 days, claiming that Sarvjeet had given them information on four other suspects and that they had to retrieve the murder weapons.

A video showing him surrounded by reporters and other Nihangs before his surrender has gone viral.

Sarvajeet could be seen tightly surrounded by other Nihangs, at least two of whom still had swords, and surrounded by reporters, one of whom asks, "Do you feel regret?"

Singh seems uninterested, waves the question aside, shakes his head and responds with a flat "No."

Saravjeet Singh surrendered to police but first appeared in front of the media, claiming that he had "punished" the victim for "desecrating" the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy book. Saravjeet Singh and his associates have stated that they are willing to repeat such acts if someone "dares to commit sacrilege again."

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His video admitting responsibility for the murder went viral.

Lakhbir Singh, a 35-year-old Punjabi man from the Tarn Taran district, was brutally murdered early Friday morning. His body was found with the left hand and right leg chopped off, tied to a police barricade.

As word of the heinous and terrible murder spread, at least three videos emerged, showing a big crowd of Nihangs surrounding his body, which was bleeding and in pain.

After his left hand was chopped, the group is shown standing over him in one video. Another image showed them photographing his final moments, while a third showed him hanging up by his feet.

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