North Korea drops 'Shit Bomb' containing 'toilet paper & faeces' on South Korea via flying balloons

Seoul's military slammed Pyongyang for their "low class" actions and also urged its citizens to not go outdoor and come in contact with North Koreans 'trash bomb'

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In a bizarre development, North Korea recently dropped 'shit bomb' using air balloons over South Korea. Yes! you heard it right. As per reports, North Korea sent multiple balloons that contained bags full of trash, toilet paper and suspected animal faeces into the South on Wednesday. Reacting to this, Seoul's military slammed Pyongyang for their "low class" actions. Notably, North Korea 'shit bomb' pictures are videos are going viral on X and it has indeed grabbed global meaid attention. 

North Korea trash bomb pics showcase that garbage bags contained full of trash and what appeared to be excrement. North Korea has warned that it would shower border areas in "mounds of wastepaper and filth" to punish Seoul. Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff said that "unidentified objects believed to be North Korean propaganda leaflets have been identified in the Gyeonggi-Gangwon border area and the military is taking action".

Seol authorities further appealed to the citizens to not go outside and come in contact with the alien object dropped by North Korea. "Citizens should refrain from outdoor activities, do not come into contact with any unknown objects, and report them to the nearest military base or police," the statement said. 

Reacting to North Korea 'shit bomb', a user wrote, "Do they want food balloons or what?"

One more user wrote, "It's literally a geopolitical shitpost"

"What does the north Korean diet have that makes their crap look like that?" wrote another user. 

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