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Experts anticipate that the spread of the new Coronavirus variant named Omicron will bring the pandemic to an end. The researchers believe that "Delta will go away, and this virus may replace it, but the pandemic will be far less dangerous."

"Even if it turns out to be so infectious that it spreads around the world, it will be a far milder disease than it is now. Currently, about 3% of patients die, and if this strain spreads widely, the morbidity will most certainly be lowered. If the coronavirus's fatality rate is comparable to that of the flu, the pandemic will be declared over,” Anatoly Altshtein remarked in an interview with Sputnik radio.

"With omicron, the pandemic has a chance to end," he added.

He also emphasized that the new coronavirus would not have enough time to spread before the New Year as it needs at least six months for this.

The emergence of the omicron strain of the novel coronavirus, according to Vladimir Nikiforov, chief specialist in infectious diseases of the Russian Federal Medical Biological Agency, could be the first sign that the COVID-19 pandemic is nearing its end.

"The new strain, which originated somewhere in South Africa, is more contagious but, on the other hand, research suggests it causes fewer severe symptoms. To put it another way, it does not cause significant lung damage. And I believe it is the start of the end of this nightmare. And I'd like to think of it as a first indicator that the infection is starting to fade away," he asserted in a Moskva's Govorit radio station.

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The new strain, according to Nikiforov, might turn the virus into a common seasonal respiratory ailment.

Omicron has raised red flags across the world and WHO has categorised it ‘variant of concern’ as the virus is more immune to the vaccines, increase its transmission and result in more severe Covid-19 symptoms.

According to preliminary studies, the new variant reduces the effectiveness of vaccines by 40%. This is because the spike protein has 32 mutations.
Omicron in India

Two persons in Karnataka have tested positive for Omicron. Both cases have travel history to South Africa.

"All Omicron related cases are found to have mild symptoms so far. No severe symptoms have been noticed in all such cases, both in the country and abroad. The WHO has said that the virus' emerging evidence is being studied," said Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry, adding that around 29 countries across the world have reported 373 cases of Omicron so far.

One of the people who tested positive for Omicron was a doctor. As per reports, he attended the worldwide conference at the Star Hotel in Bengaluru from November 19 to November 20.

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