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The number of covid cases are increasing all over the world and as well as in India. Omicron is one of the fastest spreading variant among the others. Its first case was detected in South Africa and within a month it almost covered every part of the world.

As the covid spike is again on its peak, the health systems of the countries started to feel pressure as they are reporting more cases than their holding capacities. So in this covid period, what we can do to make ourselves secure in our daily work.

First of all we must get our vaccination done as soon as possible. The governments are requesting their citizens to get vaccinated at their earliest. Second is wearing masks and using sanitizer. But the question arises here is, what type of mask should we use?

People are using homemade cloth mask, but are they capable enough to protect you from get affected from omicron?

So the answer is NO.      

During the covid period we have seen many types of mask such as homemade cotton mask, surgical mask, N95 masks and many more experimented ideas but no this is not the time to experiment with ourselves.

According to experts using cotton mask may not provide you enough protection against the infection. It can only save you around 20 minutes if the infected person is not wearing a mask. Cloth masks can only hold big droplets but the small particles can be transmitted even after wearing a cloth mask.

Surgical masks are better than cloth masks but they are also not that much effective if the virus is highly transmissible. It takes around 30 minutes if the infected person is not wearing the mask and the second person a surgical mask, to spread the infection.

Till now N95 masks are best that provides maximum protection against the spread of infection. According to the studies, if the infected person is not wearing a mask and the second person is wearing a N95 mask it will take around more than 2 hours to transmit the infection. If both wear masks it will take around 25 hours to transmit infection.

So it is clear that wearing mask is important as well as wearing correct mask is equally important. We must ensure our safety to protect ourselves against this deadly disease.

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