As the heatwave continues to swirl across the nation, people visited cold regions to get relieved amid the second wave of Covid-19 infection. Several pictures from different tourist spots have been doing rounds on the internet showing how careless and fearless people have become as they flout Covid appropriate behavior.

 Taking cognizance of the matter, the Government of India on Friday has rung an alarm bell for the crowd defying Covid-19 norms and enjoying in groups.

The second wave of coronavirus is not over and everyone must continue to follow Covid appropriate behavior, the government stressed on Friday.

Addressing the Health Ministry press briefing, NITI Aayog's Member, Health, V.K. Paul said: "We cannot lower our guard. Need to continue following Covid appropriate behavior as it is not the end of the pandemic. Visuals of crowds not maintaining social distancing at tourist places are a serious cause of concern."

Also cautioning people that the second wave is not over, Joint Secretary, Health, Lav Agarwal, said: "It is necessary to keep following Covid protocols in order to close the second wave fully."

Showing a video from Kempty falls in Uttarakhand's Mussoorie, where a large crowd of people can be seen flouting all Covid protocols, he asked: "Is it not an open invitation to the virus to infect us?"

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About the surge in cases in other countries like the UK, Russia and Bangladesh, Agarwal said: "In other countries, we are observing a surge in overall cases. In the United Kingdom, during Euro 2020 matches, a sudden surge in cases was observed. Russia is seeing a third peak in cases. Bangladesh witnessed more cases in the third peak than the second peak."

Pointing to the decline in daily new cases in the country during the second wave, he said: "More than half of the total cases in the country are primarily reported from two states - Maharashtra and Kerala and spread of infection concentrated in a limited geography."

He said that 66 districts have reported more than 10 per cent positivity for the week ending July 8 and 80 percent of new cases are reported from 90 districts that need focused attention.

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