'Opening of NCB, no separatism..': Amit Shah makes five big promises in Ludhiana Rally

Union Home Minister Amit Shah made five big promises to the people of Ludhiana during his rally including the opening of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) to fight drug trafficking.

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday addressed a public rally in Ludhiana and sought votes for BJP's Lok Sabha candidate Ravneet Bittu. During his public rally in Ludhiana, Union Home Minister Amit Shah pointed out the work done by the BJP government under PM Modi's leadership. Shah reiterated PM Modi's statement that the Central Government could have taken Kartarpur Sahib from Pakistan when Pakistani forces had surrendered during the liberation of Bangladesh. Furthermore, Amit Shah slammed Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann and called him Arvind Kejriwal's personal pilot who accompanies him wherever he goes. The Union Home Minister also pointed out the promises made by AAP before the Punjab elections but are yet to be fulfilled. Union Home Minister Amit Shah also made five big promises to the people of Ludhiana during his rally. Below are the top 5 promises made by Amit Shah during his rally in Ludhiana- 

Amit Shah's top 5 promises in Ludhiana

  1. Addressing the rally, Amit Shah promised the people of Ludhiana that he will make Ravneet Bittu a big leader on the central level. "Ravneet Bittu has been my friend for the last 5 years. Even when he was in Congress I said that Ravneet Bittu is my friend. I also said that whoever murdered Ravneet Bittu's grandfather, we cannot forgive them. I appeal to you all, to send Ravneet Bittu to the Lok Sabha from Ludhiana seat, I will make him a big leader," said Amit Shah
  2. Amit Shah further promised with the people of Ludhiana that the Modi government will bring back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK).
  3. The Union Home Minister also expressed his worry over the rise of the drug trade in Punjab. To stop this, Amit Shah promised that he will open a branch of the NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) that will crack down on drug-related cases. 
  4. Amit Shah also gave a stern warning to separatist leaders of Khalistan. The Union Home Minister promised that if voted to power, there will be no more separatism in Punjab. "If you want to eradicate separatism in Punjab, then vote for Modi, said Amit Shah during the Ludhiana Rally. 
  5. Amit Shah further promised that all the central schemes will be implemented in Punjab. Shah pointed out that due to the current government schemes like Ayushman Bharat is yet to be implemented in the bordering state. 

Amit Shah lambasts Arvind Kejriwal in Punjab

During his rally, Union Home Minister Amit Shah slammed the Bhagwant Mann-led AAP party. Shah stated that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has turned Punjab into his ATM. To fight elections, he takes money from Punjab, four court proceedings he takes money from Punjab. Not only this, Shah called Mann as Kejriwal's pilot as wherever the AAP supremo goes, he takes the Punjab CM there.