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Oppostions slams the President's call for CAA as historic law in Budget Session

On Friday, President Ram Nath Kovind, in his joint address to Parliament, welcomed the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) as a "historic law," hearing which opposition stood up in protest while the ruling party showed their consent by thumping benches.

President Kovind, in his address said the people of India have historically accepted the Modi government's idea to develop a new India and the government is undertaking strong steps to call this decade as 'India's own Decade.'

Highlighting the Narendra Modi government's measures of national prominence in his joint address, President said the government took historic decisions like the Citizenship Amendment Act, abrogation of Article 370, triple talaq, motor vehhicle act, etc.

On CAA, President kept his views forward and said after the partition, Mahatma Gandhi had said that Hindus and Sikhs who don't want to live in Pakistan are welcomed to India and it is the sole responsibility of Indian government to provide them with basic amenities to set motion in their lives.

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Taking it on twitter, President said, " Supporting this vision of Mahatma Gandhi, various govenments from time to time have taken steps to carrry forward this. It is our duty to honour the wishes of our fonding fathers. I am happy that by passing the Citizenship Amendment Act with a majority, both the houses of Parliament have fulfilled the wishes of Mahatma Gandhi."

He further added, Sikhs in Pakistan are being attacked and we can not easily make this issue to get off our minds, such atrocities against religious minorities are not accepted at the international level.

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