As theaters evolve to receive footfall from the audience yet again after the catastrophic disaster from COVID, the OTT platforms continue to sway through its appealing and versatile releases from across the genre.

With the new month setting in the OTT platforms are all set with a new series of some power-packed performances to hit on the web space, besides the movie’s launch on the web space after completing their stint on the big screen.

Presenting to you this month’s top release on the OTTs all combined guarantees a complete entertainer from various genres.

Web Series:

The Midnight Club:

Season 1 of the thrilling drama is a televised presentation of Christopher Pike's 1994 young adult novel by the same name. 10 episodes series will present a bizarre pact between the group members, which is at the center of the story, making a unique pact that whoever dies first will have to find a way to communicate with the others from the other side of the grave.

The horror mystery stars the likes of Iman Benson, Adia, Igby Rigney, Ruth Codd, Aya Furukawa, and Annarah Cymone, among others, set to release on the 7th on Netflix.

Mismatched Season 2:

A rom-com makes its return on the web space with a much more intriguing story plot revolving around, Dimple (Prajakta Koli), the genius coder, who has lost her app. Rishi (Rohit Saraf), the hopeless romantic, has lost faith in love.

With their futures at stake, Dimple, and Rishi proceed on a trail to navigate the rough terrains of friendship, love, and academic stress among others. Set to hit on Netflix on the 14th of this month.

Aashiqana Season 2:

The well-acclaimed thriller returns with a second season and a new theme. If reports are to be believed Yash (Zayn Ibad Khan) and Chikki (Khushi Dubey) are married this season as the story revolves around the two in a much-standardized way.

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This season is going to be a treat to watch how the story unfolds as the couple takes on to resolve their matter against all lows. Releasing on the 10th of October on Disney Plus Hotstar.


Maja Ma:

Madhuri Dixit’s return to the web space in an intriguing character, where she plays a mother and tries to find ways against all the challenges, she faces in an absolute emotional yet intriguing setting. Set to stream from the 6th of October on Amazon Prime.


A Dan Trachtenberg directorial showcasing Naru (Amber Midthunder) at the center who is a fierce warrior, raised and trained by some of the best hunters from the Great Plains. As a new danger threatens her tribe, Naru steps up to tackle the danger that her tribe gets caught amidst. Release on the 7th of October on Disney Plus Hotstar.

The School for Good and Evil:

The characters of Sophia Anne Curoso and Sofia Wylie play the best of friends in the movie where the two end up getting placed in different teams in their new school, where things turn up to unfold in an extremely bizarre fashion in the fantasy piece of art. All set to stream on Netflix from October 19th.

All Quiet on the Western Front:

Build in the backdrop of World War 1, the movie showcases a group of Germans enlisting in the World War as they are tutored about patriotism and honor the young men soon learn that the romanticized version of war that was described to them is the polar opposite to what it is actually on the ground.

The War Drama is releasing towards month end on the 28th on Netflix and will be available in both German and English languages.

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