People are getting infected even after receiving both jabs of Covid19 vaccine, here’s the reason

Several states like Punjab, Maharashtra, and Gujarat have postponed Phase III due to vaccine shortage

As the second wave of coronavirus is wreaking havoc in India, the country is trying to speed up its vaccination drive. Covid vaccines Covishield and Covaxin are being allocated to states and private hospitals.

From May 1, the Central Government has started the third drive of vaccination which allows above 18 years old to get the vaccine shots. However, several states like Punjab, Maharashtra, and Gujarat have postponed Phase III due to vaccine shortage.

Meanwhile, some people who received both shots of the Covid19 vaccine are also testing positive for Coronavirus infection. These cases of Coronavirus are comparatively less but still a matter of concern as it increases the doubt among people regarding vaccines.

According to researchers and doctors, it is possible to get infected with the virus even after getting vaccinated. The vaccine only provides immunity to fight the disease and does not gives a 100% guarantee.

In general, the vaccine takes some time to build up immunity. The covid vaccine takes two to three weeks to build up the immunity system and before on in between these two to three weeks, the person can get infected.

That is why it is suggested to stay home as much as one can, and wear masks and follow the Covid norms. The number of breakthrough cases is low but incites doubt among people. The vaccine does not offer 100% protection but protects against moderate or severe infection and hospitalization. You can still get infected but it won’t be a threat to life.

According to Dr. Balram Bhargava, Secretary of Department of Health Research and director-general of ICMR, “Getting infection after vaccination is known as breakthrough infection. 2-4 per 10,000 breakthrough infections have occurred; which is a very small number.”

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