Philadelphia: Biker shatters woman's car windshield, points gun & head-butts her on road; Video Viral

In the viral Philadelphia biker video, the man in head-protective gear was seen standing at the woman's rear part of the car and jumping on the windshield in order to break it

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While Philadelphia is still moving on from the robbery spree by a mob of teenagers, the latest incident has yet again raised questions on the US city's law and order. A biker was caught on cam shattering a car's windshield inside which a woman and her children were present. As per US media reports, Philadelphia Police are looking the biker who not only shattered the woman's car but also pointed a gun at her and head-butted her in the Center City area. The incident took place on Sunday at 1400 South Penn Square around 8:45 p.m. Now, the Philadelphia biker video is doing rounds on social media and netizens are fuming over the incident.

In the viral Philadelphia biker video, the man in head-protective gear can be seen standing at the woman's car rear and jumping on the windshield in order to break it. The biker in the Philadelphia video jumped so hard on the windshield that it ultimately broke and the man's leg went inside it where the woman's children were sitting in terror. As a result, the woman came out of her car to confront him, but in return, the man tried to head-butt her from her helmet and even pointed his gun at her.

The woman has been identified as Nikki Bullock. Nikki was quoted by a US media portal saying that she was in the car the armed dirt bike rider jumped on with her girlfriend and her two children, 5 and 2, and they were delivering food at the time, allegedly Uber Eats. "They’re not paying attention to lanes. They’re just doing whatever. So I’m turning in the lane and he just hits the side of the car," said Bullock. Bullock further narrated, "It was a little gun. At that point, the windshield was already broken, so like, what was he going to do to me? So I just started going off."

After the video went viral on social media, authorities released the biker's photo and stated that he is wanted for aggravated assault and vandalism. District Attorney Larry Krasner was quoted saying, "If that person is caught and I get the chance to charge that person, we will be going very, very vigorously."

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How did Americans react to Philadephia Biker vandalism video?

A user wrote, "She’s a Hero."

Another user wrote, "Some of those motorcycles don’t appear to be displaying license plates!"

Another user wrote, "those baby blue patent leather Jordan's are the best. And she's a Hero. Damn she's brave."