On Tuesday, the Civil Aviation Body has removed those capacity-related restrictions. The domestic flights, now, can operate with full capacity. These new orders would come into effect on Monday (October 18). 

The ministry has said that the capacity restrictions have been removed after reviewing the demand for domestic flights. 

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However, the ministry has said, “All passengers shall follow COVID appropriate behavior at all times which includes the use of mask/face cover, hand hygiene and physical distancing of six feet (do gaj ki doori) as far as feasible. Masks/face covers must be worn properly to cover nose and mouth.” 

The ministry has further urged that “Passengers should self-monitor their health and travel only when they have no symptoms related to COVID-19.”

The body has shared the different Covid-related rules for passengers, airports/ railway stations/ ports/ bus stations, and States and Union Territories. It had also allowed the states to frame their own Covid-19 related norms for flying. 

On October 9, airlines operated 2,340 flights or 71.5 percent of their combined pre-COVID capacity. In September, the capacity of the flights was increased from 72.5 percent to 85 percent.

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The domestic flights were resumed in May, last year, after a two-month break. At that time, the flights were allowed to operate with only 33 percent of passengers which was later, in December, increased to 80 percent. 

However, the occupancy rate was again reduced to 50 percent, in June, when the country witnessed the second wave of Coronavirus. At that time, the Civil Aviation Body said that “The decision had been taken in view of the sudden surge in the number of active COVID-19 cases... decrease in passenger traffic and the passenger load...” 

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