Heading into 9 years of service to the nation through the highest governmental post of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has established himself as the most popular leader around the world.

Since the beginning, he has stood as the flag bearer of the BJP in almost all regards. Be it party-affiliated works or associated with that country, Modi’s face is everywhere.

A man of his stature holds a colossal spot among his party workers and others and when it comes personally to Modi, for workers the sky is the limit. So, is Modi’s birthday.

The grandeur of the PM’s birthday is unmatchable for the BJP in general and the party workers in personal. Every year PM’s birthday on September 17th is observed in an intriguing form of varied nature by the party and is more or less marked as an occasion of national importance.

But, it is not the same for other major factions of people in society. PM’s birthday is marked with equal zeal here as well but on a separate note and is a reflection of pain and emotions that is more on display than their love of PM.

It was last year on PM’s birthday when Lakhs of youths took to Twitter following a movement initiated by the Indian Youth Congress owing to the rapid rise in the case of unemployment in the country.

BJP’s 8 years reign at the center after it was elected to power through securing a majority all by itself has been marked by ups and downs and one of the biggest failures of the Modi-led government has been providing employment.

The firebrand pro-Hindu leader as the CM of Gujarat who took the western state to the heights of growth and development was seen as a hope by millions of youths but a lot of the latter’s questions have remained unanswered by the BJP and Modi himself.

Unemployment at a glance in Modi’s era:

Since 1973 when the data on unemployment was first released, India saw its biggest unemployment in over 45 years in 2018, years before COVID gripped the economy in its clutches.

Demonetization and improper implementation of GST was seen by several experts as the main reason behind the poor employment rate and the continuous fall in the GDP growth rate on a quarterly basis towards the end of 2016.

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Cut to starting months of 2020 when COVID took over India the situation only turned worse and the rate of unemployment kept on scaling heights despite a series of measures released by the government for the revival but to no avail.

Modi’s vows to provide 2 crore employment annually failed miserably rather Lakhs of jobs were lost and that was something that dented the saffron party’s image and personally of Modi for worse and still is seen as the government’s biggest failure since coming to power.

At present, the latest quarterly data revealed by NSO showed India’s unemployment rate at 7.6% in the Apr-Jun quarter. Which is a huge improvement from the corresponding quarter of last year, but still close to double what it used to be years back before COVID hit.

The Center for Monitoring Indian Economy is a private autonomous entity that releases data on the Indian Economy marking the rate of employment as of September 16th at 7.1%, while the rate in Urban India stands at 8.1%.

On the one hand, when BJP and India are standing in applause on PM’s 72nd birthday and welcoming Cheetahs, Twitter is on a boil with posts #NationalUnemploymentDay and #Rashtria_Berozgaar_Diwas by Lakhs of those who are still in hope for better and expecting for acche din to come.

Congress’ youth wing is leading the charge since last year in making all sorts of provisions to tackle the might through issues that matter but are of no avail and more or less are losing grounds from several parts of the country, owing to the poor consolidation from party high command.

The grand old party is on a Bharat Jodo Yatra, and how much it will work for them will only be seen in the due passage of time.

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