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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his 77th edition of his monthly radio programme, Mann Ki Baat, said that it’s the first time that the world has witnessed such a deadly pandemic. Covid19 crisis has created havoc in almost all the nations across globe. “Our frontline heroes have played a remarkable role in fighting covid19 and the world will always remember their contribution”.

PM Modi said, “Before covid19, India was producing around 900 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen per day, which now has been increased to more than 10 times i.e. about 9,500 metric tonnes per day”.

Further appreciating the spirit and courage of India citizens who along with pandemic braved two major cyclones this month, PM Modi said, “It was double whammy for all those who braved cyclones and pandemic altogether, but the courage and patience they have shown is commendable”.

PM Modi’s today’s Mann Ki Baat today comes on a day when the BJP government completes its seven years.

In the last edition of Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi appreciated the efforts made by healthcare workers at the frontline and addressed topics like vaccine hesitancy.

Key Points:

1- At a time when India is already facing covid19 havoc, it also faced the cyclone Tauktae and Yaas. “It was double whammy for all those who braved cyclones and pandemic altogether, but the courage and patience they have shown is commendable”.

2- My thoughts and prayers are with those affected due to cyclones. The last ten days have been crucial for the country due to Tauktae and Yaas. However, the country and its people have fought them with all their strength, ensuring minimum loss of life.

3- PM Modi talked to a person who ferries oxygen to hospitals during the programme. PM Modi spoke to Dinesh Upadhyay from Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. He said it is because of people like Dinesh that the country has been able to overcome the crisis.

4- PM Modi said people from all walks of lives came together to transport oxygen to hospitals. He said during the second wave of Covid-19, the major challenge was to supply medical oxygen to remote areas. But the drivers of cryogenic oxygen tankers by working 24X7, helped country in saving lives of lakhs of people.

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5- PM Modi also talked to covid warriors. Speaking to a female driver of an oxygen express train, PM Modi said: "All my Mothers and sisters would feel proud to know that one oxygen express is being run fully by women”.

6-PM Modi said during these testing times, the production of liquid oxygen has increased by 10 times. Our corona warriors are delivering them to every corner of the country.

7-PM Modi also appreciated farmers for achieving record production amid pandemic. He said that the farmers of our country are doing wonders in many areas by taking advantage of the new arrangements.


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