Policemen fight in Jalandhar: Caught mistreating and tearing uniform at Guru Nanak Mission Chowk

The intoxicated policeman threatened other officers to take away their star and uniform.

Policemen-fight-in-Jalandhar Guru-Nanak-Mission-Chowk ASI-Tarlochan-Singh

Police in Jalandhar city were seen entangled with one another despite boasting of putting a stop to anarchic elements. The first two officers got into a confrontation in the city's largest square, Guru Nanak Mission Chowk. Meanwhile, a police officer in a turban lashes his subordinate with a stick.

According to ASI Tarlochan Singh of the PCR received a call from the petrol station at Guru Nanak Mission Chowk reporting that a policeman was abusing there. He arrived there right away with another officer. When ASI Tarlochan Singh tried to calm him down, the policeman started abusing them too. The cop had a few drinks. He then assaulted the ASI and the other officer and tore their uniform. When he continued acting inappropriately, ASI beat him with sticks.

According to ASI Tarlochan Singh and a colleague, the Police Station Division No. 4 staff member who was intoxicated threatened them to take away their star and uniform. They still didn’t take any action against the drunken officer and just informed the higher authorities that he was misbehaving with them. On the other hand, to save himself, the officer logged a false report against the ASI and his colleague.

How this incident took place?

The policeman, who was intoxicated, went to the petrol station at Guru Nanak Mission Chowk to refuel. However, the pump's staff there said that there was no air. Angered by this, the policeman began verbally attacking the man. The workers stationed at the petrol station complained about it to the control room regarding this. The PCR-4 team arrived there as soon as the complaint was received, and the policeman also became involved with them.

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