Property battle between Wajid Khan’s wife, Kamalrukh and brother Sajid

The matter will be heard on 23 April and in the meantime Sajid has now made his stand clear.

Kamalrukh, the wife of the late music composer Wajid Khan, has moved to Bombay High Court. According to Kamalrukh, Wajid made a will in 2012, in which he and his children had property on their names. She does not want Wajid's brother Sajid Khan or his mother to be a part of this property. The matter will be heard on 23 April and in the meantime, Sajid has now made his stand clear.

During an exclusive conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Sajid Khan revealed that he and his mother were not interested in any of Wajid's properties. This behavior of Kamalrukh is a question of his intention in itself. Sajid Khan expresses, "Look, now this matter is in court and Legally no one can bring things out about it. me and my family have nothing to do with this. When my brother was alive, Kamalrukh did not bring this up. If she had any kind of trouble with my brother, then why did she not bring these things out while he was alive. Now after Wajid's death, she realizes that he had done wrong to him. She knows that after death, Wajid cannot speak in his explanation, then she got down to take advantage of this opportunity. They are now blaming us because we know the truth. We know many things about Kamalrukh. Wajid shared everything with us, even his messages. However, we did not want to disrupt the honor of our house and that is why we were silent. "

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The late actor Wajid Khan transferred his house under his wife’s name a long time ago. Wajid’s brother Sajid claims that he and his family have not even met Kamalrukh and her children for a long time now.  The Bombay High court had issued a notice regarding the property dispute against Sajid and his mother on April 21. Now the next hearing for the case will be held on April 23. 

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