Seeing the recent downtrend in COVID -19 cases, the Punjab Government has decided to lift the night curfew in the state from January 1. Earlier this month, Punjab had ordered the extension of night curfew and curbs on the gathering of people till January 1, 2021, directing the state police to ensure strict compliance, especially at wedding halls.

Earlier the government had imposed a restriction of 100 on indoor and 250 on outdoor gatherings in the state, now the state government has given some relaxation on this as well. As per the new guidelines, 200 persons indoors and 500 persons on outdoor social gatherings are now allowed. 

Interestingly, January 1st generally witness party mood as it is the first day of the new year, therefore this decision by the Punjab Government might bring some smile on the party lovers. 

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Although the government appealed the authorities and the people of Punjab to maintain a social distance of a minimum of 6 feet distance (do gaz ki duri), regulating crowds in markets and public transport and imposition of penalties prescribed for violation of Covid-Appropriate behavior like wearing of face masks and spitting in public, etc.

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