Rahul Gandhi meets Speaker Rana KP, discusses 2022 Assembly elections

Rana KP is not only a Hindu leader but also has a good grip on the Rajput community.

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The Speaker of the Punjab assembly Rana KP Singh called on former Congress President Rahul Gandhi at Delhi. It is believed that the meeting was over recent political developments in Punjab. Because after handing over the reins of the state to Navjot Singh Sidhu, no Hindu leader of Punjab is in Sidhu’s camp.

Rana KP is not only a Hindu leader but also has a good grip on the Rajput community. He is also very close to the Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh and had been in constant touch with the Chief Minister frequently during the infighting of Congress.

It is learnt that the party high command is also worried about the eroding base of the party cadre in Hindu and Dalits, which is why Rahul Gandhi today called on Rana KP. Rahul Gandhi also discussed the political change in the party’s prospect after changing Sidhu as party President, in connection with 2022 elections. Sources said that Rana KP had also raised the issue regarding the need for a Hindu face on a key post in the state politics before Rahul Gandhi.

Acknowledging his meeting with Rahu Gandhi, Rana said that the political situation of 2022 has been discussed in this meeting. He declined to comment on the issues raised in the meeting. Importantly, the Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh was constantly raising the issue with the party high command that the appointment of Jat Sikhs on two important posts in the state would send the wrong message to the Hindus.

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Before Captain Sidhu became the head of state, he was pushing for the supremacy of a Hindu leader. After the party high command handed over the reins of the state to Sidhu, there is a lot of enthusiasm in a section of the Congress cadre but missing with ministers. It is believed that today's meeting is the result of that.

(By Dinesh Sharma)