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Rashami Desai reveals she talked to Disha Salian on call on June 7, refused to answer on Disha's fiance Rohan Rai

On being asked that whether she spoke to Disha, Rashami answered that she talked to her a day before she died i.e. on June 7th

While the focus of India is on the controversy of Kangana and CBI investigation of Sushant's case, a section of people are demanding to unearth the mysterious death of Sushant's former manager Disha Salian in order to solve the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. 

Recently, BJP leader Nitesh Rane threw the spotlight on some unexplored facts of Disha Salian's case. Rane in the interview said that there are very straight forward and suspicious developments that started to take place after June 8 till June 3. If you understand Disha did not use to stay with her parents she used to live with her boyfriend Rohan Rai. They were both in a relationship and were planning to settle down. 

After this, a picture went viral in Disha Salian, Rohan Rai and even television actress Rashami Desai were present. Rashami in a telephonic conversation with the Republic said that she did not attend any party on June 8th with Sushant's former manager Disha Salian. I am aware of Disha Salian but I am not aware of the party in Juhu you are asking about. She also said that as she is not aware of any party on June 8, why would I deny if I knew. I don't even know that about any Juhu party you are talking about.

On being asked that whether she spoke to Disha, Rashami answered that she talked to her a day before she died i.e. on June 7th. Rashami clarified that although it has nothing to do with the party you are talking about. We spoke very normally. On being asked whether Disha told her anything she was going through then Rashami answered that no we did not speak at length that time actually, we said that we could not speak over the phone. Eventually, we made some plans to meet for later on but then the next day I got the sad news. 

 On being asked whether she was under any pressure or depression, Rashami said that she was a very dear friend and I would not like to comment on anything as my information doesn't match yours at all. Whatever is going on in your media channel and what I have been watching, the information is not matching from what i have heard and got. I was not aware of whatever she was going through as I was part of a reality show and right after that pandemic happened so I was not in touch with Disha from 7 to 8months. 

The telephonic conversation was normal until Rashami revealed that she was not in contact with Disha however, she called on 7th June, a day before Disha was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Rashami said that her relationship with Disha was not only professional but personal. However, the actress chose not to answer that from how many years she knew Sushant's former manager.

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Rashmi also revealed about what she talked to Disha on June 7th. The actress said we talked about a trip for Shimla in October. One of my very close friend's birthday party was there, so we were planning for a Shimla trip. So we then said that it is between if we meet and talk. 

On being asked about Disha's fiance Rohan Rai, Rashami abruptly said 'No Comments'. After Rohan's name came, Rashami fumed and said that I would not give any comments. 

The statement by the television actress Rashami Desai raised the eyebrows of many. 

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