Real vs Reel: Is Bastar 'The Naxal Story' a true story based on IPS Officer Neerja Madhvan?

Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Sudipto Sen, Bastar- The Naxal Story is the story of the Naxalism problem prevailing in India.

Real vs Reel: Is Bastar 'The Naxal Story' a true story based on IPS Officer Neerja Madhvan? -

The first teaser of the upcoming movie Bastar - The Naxal Story was released on Tuesday and as expected it became the talking point among fans on social media. From the makers of the controversial movie 'The Kerala Story'- Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Sudipto Sen, Bastar is the story of the Naxalism problem prevailing in India. Notably, Vipul Shah and Sudipto Sen have joined hands with Bollywood actress Adah Sharma again to deliver yet another controversial movie. Bastar is all set for theatrical release on March 15, 2024. With the storyline of Bastar - The Naxal Story revolving around real-life incidents, the question arises whether Bastar - The Naxal Story is a true story or Bastar - The Naxal Story is a real story or not. Below is everything you need to know about Bastar - The Naxal Story True Story- 


Is Bastar - The Naxal Story a true story?


The answer is complicated. The makers have not used the tag saying that Bastar - The Naxal Story is based on a true story. However, Bastar - The Naxal Story Teaser showcases Adah Sharma delivering a powerful monologue and talking about real facts and figures. Adah Sharma introduces her character by saying that she is playing the character of IPS Officer Neerja Madhvan. Also, the makers in the Bastar teaser's caption say that the movie is based on an untold story. "A story colored red with the blood of innocent people! Capture the untold story... Bastar - The Naxal Story". Therefore, it can be said that Bastar may not be entirely a true story, but it indeed showcases real-life events that have taken place in India. Also, not much information is available on Adah Sharma's character i.e. IPS Neerja Madhvan.



In Bastar's teaser,  Adah Sharma exposes the truth about the number of martyrs and how Pseudo-intellectuals in our country are running propaganda to divide the country funded by China. "In the four wars with Pakistan, 8,738 soldiers were martyred. But do you know, the Naxalites in our country have killed more than 1,500 jawans. Bastar is the epicenter of dividing Bharat into pieces. I, Neerja Mathur IPS, have taken an oath to finish these traitors from our country. Jai Hind," says Adah Sharma in Bastar's teaser. Interestingly, Adah Sharma points out that the day Indian Jawans were martyred in a naxal attack, a section of student of JNU celebrated it. 


True Scoop News tried to dive deep down the JNU claims made by Adah Sharma in the movie. A 2016 report suggests that a "celebration" at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) took place after 76 security personnel were martyed in a Maoist attack in Dantewada. A newswire had quoted a Chattisgarh Police Official saying it pained him. ."I felt disappointed when I came to know that celebration was held at JNU (by some students) after the killing of 76 jawans in the forest of Tadmetla in 2010. I was then posted as DIG in the region," Inspector General of police, Bastar range, SRP Kalluri said at a press conference. 

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