The much-awaited documentary by Steven Spielberg, Good Night Oppy has started streaming on Amazon Prime on 23rd November 2022. The documentary was first screened at Telluride Film Festival in the month of September after which it received immense praise for its filming. Good Night Oppy is a documentary film which is written and directed by Ryan White who has given some amazing films like The Case Against 8, Ask Dr. Ruth, Good Ol’ Freda, etc. Fans just can’t keep calm to watch the documentary film but the question remains, “Is Good Night Oppy based on true story or not?”

The answer to this is ‘YES.’ Ryan White’s documentary film Good Night Oppy is a true story based on a NASA-launched rover named Opportunity which then came to be called as ‘Oppy’ that was initiated in year 2003 to explore Mars and get to know some unaware facts from there. Oppy was expected to operate for only 90 days but surprisingly it went on to explore Mars for nearly 15 years.

Good Night Oppy by Ryan Whites delves deep into Mars Exploration Rover Mission started by NASA in year 2003. Two solar-powered rovers namely Spirit and Opportunity were sent to space on July 7 and June 10 respectively with aim which was to explore Mars. The most important purpose with which these rovers were sent was to get to know about availability of water on that planet. The most surprising fact about whole mission was life span of Oppy. A rover whose expected span was 90 days went on to live for 15 years and travelled a distance of 45.16 kilometers, odometer read during its death.

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The documentary film, Good Night Oppy features interview footage of scientists and engineers involved during mission. Ryan White called Good Night Oppy his ‘Covid Baby.’ Reason cited behind this was that when all his projects went on hold due to pandemic, only this project was one he was able to work even sitting at home.

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