Russia-Ukraine War: “5 people eating one meal of the day in a single plate,” says an Indian student in his emotional note to PM

Mudit Bedi, from Amritsar, Punjab, and many others are pleading authorities for their safe return to India.

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Thousands of Indians are trapped in Ukraine. Most of them are students who went there for higher education. Lakhs of people spent day and night in subways, metro stations, and underground shelters. In many places, people saw a shortage of essential goods. The pictures from Ukraine are widely circulating on social media.

An Indian student from Punjab stranded in Ukraine shares his war stricken story on social media seeking help from Prime Minister Modi for his safe return. Mudit Bedi, from Amritsar, Punjab, wrote, “In the 21st century, 20 years old like me refuses to believe that a situation has arised where I am stuck in a foreign country during its invasion. Emergency siren & sound of Bombardment were never used as early morning alarm before. Taking shelter in metro station & inhabitable dusty bunker, standing in long queue for supplies, water, cash, trying to check the validity of news from everyone about this dreadful situation, how the day passes. But I tell all my loved ones that I am okay amidst the war so they don’t worry any more.”

 It feels like I am in some bad dream when words like war, tanks, invasion, missiles, sirens, bunker, shelter are used multiple times every passing hour. Sleeping on the floor of basement & metro station turned into underground bunker, listening to the nearby bomb attack & shelling and praying to god for the safety of every Ukrainian habitant, taking turns to sleep so that we stay alert for the emergency sirens, forced to ignore claustrophobia & captivity in order to "Survive", getting anxious even if the phone battery drops down less than 80% or connection problem."All we can do is Hope", these words have a different meaning now,” said Mudit.

“The situation of Indians in Ukraine is not getting any better on the second day of war. No notification about the plan of evacuation from the Indian embassy. Hundreds of students sitting on the floors of a school hall next to the Indian Embassy in Kyiv, five people eating their only meal of the day in a single plate. Kharkiv is currently living in the metro stations or in the dusty hostel basements with almost no internet connectivity. Indian embassy helpline numbers are of no use, there is no information about what needs to be done. Answer me, Is it ESSENTIAL now for India to rescue its fellow nationals from war ridden Ukraine? Why do you need panic & mass protests to take the necessary steps AT THE RIGHT TIME? Who will you blame if there is some unfortunate incident because of your incompetence & indecisiveness? You cant understand the depth of the critical predicament we are in. Get us back to our families before the situation gets any more worse. WE ARE DOING THE BEST WE CAN, CAN YOU PLEASE DO YOUR BEST FOR US?@narendramodi,” he added.

Apart from him, many other students who were stranded in Ukraine are sharing their videos and pleading for help on social media.

Night curfew was imposed in the capital Kyiv on Thursday from 10 pm to 7 am.  Ukraine's Defense Minister has claimed that Ukrainian forces have destroyed 7 Russian aircraft, 6 helicopters, 30 tanks. Ukraine has claimed that its forces have killed more than 800 Russian soldiers. 30 Russian tanks and 7 spy aircraft have also been destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Indian government is trying to evacuate stranded Indians. They have issued helpline numbers to help the students and families living in Ukraine. They have evacuated Indians from Romania. The Air India flight will land in Mumbai at 4 pm today.