Scoop Analysis: AAP's wind in Malwa, tough competition in Doaba and Majha, Badal, Captain, and Sidhu in danger

Seats including Badal's seat in Lambi, Captain's seat in Patiala, and Sidhu's seat in Amritsar West, are under jeopardy as a heated contest rages on.

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In Punjab, where 117 assembly seats were up for election on Sunday, over 72 percent of eligible voters cast votes. When compared to three prior assembly elections, this is the lowest voting percentage. Still, there are about 40 seats where the bumper voting took place more than 75%. Malwa comprises 69 seats, out of which 38 seats are carrying more than 75% of the voting.  It is seen that with this much voting in these regions indicates that people were not happy with the prevailing government.
In 2017, AAP won 18 seats out of 69 in Malwa. 

Congress won 40, Akali Dal won 8, 1 BJP, and 2 miscellaneous. The interesting figure of 38 seats of more than 75% voter turnout is an interesting figure to dig into. These also include big seats like Lambi and Bhadaur. Even, the bumper voting in 40 regions also indicates the chances of AAP prevailing in Punjab. 

Doaba: While in Doaba, no bumper voting took place. No clear scenario can be made in Doaba. Some seats do indicate the power of Channi. Channi has marked the Dalit vote in places. Akali Dal seats that they won last time, including Adampur, Phillaur, and Nakodar are seen in danger. AAP stronghold can also be seen in the Doaba region. AAP and BJP have done a better job than in the last elections.

Majha: There was a clean sweep in Majha last time as Congress won 22 seats. But this time, Congress is seen in a tough contest. In Majha, only 2 seats are having heavy polling. The overall trend seems to be made that Congress may not be in a stronghold as it was last year. 

In Punjab's rural districts, the Aam Aadmi Party appears to be gaining ground. Although the state's rural voters are less educated, they are politically aware. He's talking about sweeping the broom this time as he talks about making the change. When it comes to Dalits, their situation is better than in states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra, and their mentality is more evolved than Dalits in other states. He would have voted more wisely if he could.
The BJP's graph has risen somewhat in the last 4-5 days of campaigning in Punjab. The manner Prime Minister Narendra Modi surrounded the opposition parties and interacted with voters by hosting three rallies in just four days has inspired party leaders and members. The BJP can profit from vote division if it can maintain its vote bank protected in urban regions.