Seema Haider beaten by 'husband' Sachin? Pakistani woman reveals truth behind the viral video

A video recently went viral on social media in which Pakistani woman Seema Haider was seen showcasing the wounds on her face hinting that he might have been assaulted by Sachin Meena.

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Seema Haider & Sachin's love story saga is far from over. Seema Haider & Sachin who once became the face of every news channel in India and Pakistan have been embroiled in a new controversy. A video recently went viral on social media in which Pakistani woman Seema Haider was seen showcasing her wounds on her face hinting that he might be assaulted by her husband Sachin Meena. As a result, Seema Haider video started to spread like wildfire on social media and fans bombarded her social media asking whether everything was alright between the duo. Finally, Seema Haider has broken her silence on the entire controversy. Below is what Sachin Meena's wife said in Seema Haider viral video- 


In a video shared on X by another page, Seema Haider stated, "My whole in-laws family are very good and I am living with them quite happily. But, some Pakistani news channels even in the auspicious month of Ramzan are spreading lies. They don't understand that I am Indian, I am in Uttar Pradesh. I am living under the protection of Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath. Under his protection, no woman can live in fear or in sadness. I always remain in contact with my lawyers, and doctors. All these reports are fake and I am very happy with Sachin."


Seema Haider assault video is AI generated, reveals lawyer AP Singh


Seema Haider's lawyer AP Singh was quoted by a news portal saying that this is a fake video that has been made in Pakistan using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This video has gone viral on the Pakistani YouTube channel. Lawyer AP Singh further stated that the way these videos are being wrongly presented on social media, some so-called channels and YouTubers of Pakistan are included in them. There has been no fight between Seema and Sachin. There is immense love between them and there is no possibility of fight. Through these videos, an attempt is being made to defame the relationship between Sachin and Seema Haider.


Seema Haider & Sachin's love story


Seema’s love story with her partner Sachin Meena began in 2019 in the private chatroom of the online game PUBG. They became friends while playing PubG and then started conversations on WhatsApp and later decided to marry. According to reports, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level and married at the Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal in March 2023. The couple met for the first time in person in March 2023 in Kathmandu where they stayed together at a hotel in the Nepal capital from March 10 to 17.


Seema, a mother of four children was married to Ghulam Haider, who lived in Saudi Arabia. She left her home country and crossed the border into India illegally along with her four children, all aged below seven years, in a bus via Nepal on May 13.


Seema along with her four children travelled to Greater Noida via Lucknow and Agra and has been staying with her lover since then. 


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