Earth is in way of many massive asteroids in the coming months, with at least eight are racing towards our planet. It is believed that all flybys would be larger than 140 metres and are categorized as Potentially Hazardous Objects (PHO). 

As per NASA’s Asteroid tracker, three of these asteroids will fly past Earth in the next few weeks of October 2021, while 5 will be at their nearest in November.

One such asteroid – 2021 SM3, is heading towards the planet on October 15 (today). The estimated size of the coming asteroid is 72 metres to 160 metres. The flyby object is a near-Earth object (NEO) and is likely to pass at a distance of 4.8 million kilometres.

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Other seven asteroids, which would whoosh by the earth in coming weeks: 

October 20: The asteroid – 1996 VB3, would flyby after five days of the previous one. This would be larger than 2021 SM3, estimated to be between 100 metres and 130 metres. This would also be a near-Earth object but would pass by a closer distance of 3.2 million kilometres. 

October 25: An asteroid – 2017 Sj20, would pass by the planet in the next ten days. This would be smaller than previous ones, estimated to be between 90 metres to 200 metres. It would pass by 7.1 million kilometres away from the blue planet. 

November 2: Asteroid – 2017 TS3, would pass by the distance of 5.3 million kilometres. The size of the asteroid is estimated to be between 98 metres to 220 metres. 

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November 13: Asteroid – 2004 UE, would pass by the distance of 4.2 million kilometres. This would be probably the largest flyby in all. The size of the asteroid is estimated to be between 170 metres to 380 metres. 

November 20:  Asteroid – 2016 JG 12, would pass by the distance of 5.5 million kilometres. The size would be around 190 metres. 

November 21: Asteroid – 1982 HR (also known as 3361 Orpheus), would pass on the very next day, by the distance of 5.7 million kilometres. This would be a massive one, and the size of this flyby is estimated to be around 300 metres. 

November 29: Asteroid – 1994 WR12, would be the last asteroid and would pass be the distance of 6.1 million kilometres. The size is estimated to be between 92 metres to 210 metres.  

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