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While people are accusing the Shiv Sena of compromising its 'Hindutva' ideology established by Balasaheb Thackeray, a video of a Shiv Sena leader is going viral.  Shiv Sena leader Nitin Madhukar Nandgaonkar's video went viral after the MNS-turned-Sena leader was seen asking the owner of Karachi Sweets in Bandra West, Mumbai, to change the name "Karachi". He advised him to change "Karachi" to something in Marathi. Following this, the owner has covered the shop name with newspaper. 

In the video, Nitin can be heard saying, "You have to do it, we're giving you time. Change 'Karachi' to something in Marathi. In Mumbai, you cannot keep 'Karachi' name."

After the video went viral, people started to give their opinion:

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A user wrote, "Sena leaders do not have brains. They forget to realise that Sindhi community has a sentimental value for Karachi."

Another user wrote, "Lol. Apparently Karachi has Bombay sweet. How low Shivsena can go. Karachi was part of India."

"Today Priyankaji is ok with Shiv Sena leader asking owner of Karachi sweets to remove Karachi from the nameplate?," added another user.

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