The lawyer for gangster Lawrence, who was transferred to Punjab from Tihar Jail in connection with the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala, has leveled serious charges against the Punjab Police. Advocate Vishal Chopra said that Lawrence is being tortured in the third degree in interrogation. The Punjab Police Force does not conduct interrogations in front of a camera. Lawrence is not permitted to meet anyone. He'll take the matter to court. The Punjab Police and the government will be held accountable.

He stated that on June 14, the Punjab Police had brought his client on transit remand from Patiala House Court to Mansa. The Punjab Advocate General, along with his team, had appeared in court. There were also senior Punjab Police officers present. He assured me that my client's security would not be compromised.

He further said that the police brought Lawrence to the magistrate's house at 4 a.m. after transferring him from Punjab to Mansa. At the moment, Lawrence didn't have a lawyer on his side. We had to be present. We were planning to present in the morning, but they did so at night. Lawrence was then placed on remand for seven days.

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Lawrence's right to meet with his lawyer was also taken away, and I am telling the Punjab Police and the government is using violence. It will have to be answered in court tomorrow. I'm going to file a petition in court to stop it. Video evidence will be sought by the court. Lawrence's medical is being handled carelessly by a group of doctors. My client Lawrence has the right under CrPC 41(D) to meet with a lawyer of his choice. He is being vilified. No one is allowed to speak with him. The police want to keep the brutality against Lawrence hidden.

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