Sidhu Moosewala murder case: Sachin Bishnoi reveals shocking secrets, Politicians involvement exposed

Sachin Bishnoi trove of concealed truths, one revelation at a time

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In a groundbreaking development related to the homicide case of Sidhu Moosewala, Sachin Bishnoi, the nephew of Lawrence Bishnoi, has revealed a trove of concealed truths, one revelation at a time.


The Kabaddi Cup Conundrum


Sachin Bishnoi disclosed the stern stance taken by Lawrence Bishnoi, who forbade Sidhu Moosewala from participating in the Kabaddi Cup held in the village of Bhagomajra. In a surprising twist, Moosewala boldly disregarded this directive and graced the Kabaddi Cup with his presence. It became evident that Lawrence Bishnoi had explicitly directed Moosewala not to engage in the event.


A feud unveiled


Further revelations shed light on the fact that the Kabaddi Cup was organized on behalf of Lucky Patial, associated with the Bambiga gang, a group nursing deep-seated animosity toward Lawrence Bishnoi. After the culmination of the Kabaddi Cup, an exchange of verbal altercations transpired during a call between Lawrence and Sidhu Moosewala, intensifying their mutual hostilities.


A complaint and defiance


In response to this situation, Lawrence Bishnoi formally lodged a complaint with Goldie Brar. In a display of unwavering determination, Moosewala asserted his autonomy over Goldie Brar, firmly asserting his right to make decisions according to his own volition.


An MLA's involvement


Sachin Bishnoi dropped another bombshell, revealing that following the murder, an Uttar Pradesh Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), known as Vikas, extended assistance by providing shelter in his rural estate. Intriguingly, their preparations had commenced even before the murder took place. This has brought the MLA under the scrutiny of the police, given his connection to the case.


The planning unfolds


Sachin Bishnoi disclosed that the scheme to assassinate Sidhu Moosewala was set into motion while his uncle, Lawrence Bishnoi, was incarcerated in Ajmer jail in August 2021, with recurring references to the Kabaddi Cup.


Dubai connection


Adding intrigue to the narrative, Harjinder Singh, also known as Harry, currently residing in Dubai, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the plan. He provided the assassins with accommodations, SIM cards, and financial resources.


The unveiling of names


Reliable sources suggest that politicians and Punjabi vocalists may soon find themselves exposed as their names have surfaced during the ongoing investigation.


Mysteries abound


It's crucial to note that Balkaur Singh, Sidhu Moosewala's father, has persistently raised questions regarding the murder, hinting at enigmatic figures operating behind the scenes. In a public statement, Sidhu Moosewala revealed that he had received death threats and a demand for one million rupees. This new layer of complexity intertwines the murder of Sidhu Moosewala with the slaying of Vicky Middhukheda.


The unfolding timeline


The planning for this murder plot began in August 2021, while Lawrence Bishnoi was incarcerated. Notably, there is no apparent connection to Vicky Middhu Kheda in these startling revelations.