SII did not export vaccines at cost of people in India: Adar Poonawalla

India’s population is humongous and the entire vaccination drive cannot be concluded in mere two or three months.

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Serum Institute of India CEO Adar Poonawalla has recently given a statement clearing that the vaccine producer has not ever exported the anti-viral drug at the cost of the people of India. He said that SII would do anything to support India's vaccination drive. 

He further added that India’s population is humongous and the entire vaccination drive cannot be concluded in mere two or three months due to certain factors and challenges involved.

"It would take 2-3 years for the entire world population to get vaccinated," he reiterated. 

“It is important to stay united in this fight against the pandemic,” read Poonawalla’s statement. India is now receiving support from those nations, where India exported vaccines, medicine, Adar added.

Apart from this, Adar Poonawalla has explained the circumstances revolving around the consignment delivered to foreign nations and the commitments made by the government during the first wave of pandemic that struck the world in 2020.

Poonawalla on the vaccine shortage said when the vaccines were introduced in the market, we had an abundant stock in India as the Covid cases then were significantly low, which boosted the vaccination drive.

He further added that at times other nations were in an ‘acute crisis’ and were in desperate need of help. Therefore the government decided to extend help in whatever way possible.

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Poonawalla further pointed out that Covid-19 will "not be limited by geographical or political boundaries.”

“We will not be safe till everyone has been able to defeat the virus on a global scale,” he added.

It may be noted here that SII CEO was given Y security in April after he was being threatened to deliver the consignment promptly amid the second wave of Covid-19.  However after few days, he had left for the UK from where he is expected to return within the next few weeks.

The statement by SII Chief Adar Poonawalla came at a time when the government and the vaccine-producer is facing flak of criticism over the vaccine shortage due to which many states have halted the drive for all eligible age groups.

As of now, SII has delivered more than 200mn doses, even though it received EUA two months after the US pharma companies.

"If we look at total doses produced and delivered, we rank amongst the top three in the world. We continue to scale up manufacturing and prioritize India. We also hope to start delivering to COVAX and other countries by end of this year," he added.