This was the first time Simone had displayed he skills at the Tokyo Olympics, after she had stepped down from the Olympics as she was suffering from mental health issues. She further spoke up about how she felt. 

“ Mental illness that affects white men is often characterized as a sign of genius,” which is written by American author Meri Nana- Ama Danquah in her memoir published in the year 1998 named, Willow Weep for Me : A Black Woman’s Journey Through Depression. 

Her memoir explains how racism had taken over even the perspective of how people saw diseases or illnesses. “ White women who suffer from mental illness are depicted as spoiled or just plain hysterical. 

Black men are demonized and pathologized,” while she mentioned all the other people, she described how black women were treated when it came to having mental health issues. 

“Black women are certainly not seen as geniuses or even labeled as hysterical or pathologists,” she further added that “ when a Black woman suffers from a mental disorder, we are labeled as weak. 

And weakness in Black women is intolerable.” During an interview while Simon spoke about her decision, she mentioned that she has to put her pride aside and do what was right for her in order to survive, and that was the reason she did not hesitate in taking a step back. 

While speaking about how racism had stereotype black women in being naturally strong. They are always expected to act strong and not show any kind of weakness, which is a very wrong misconception being planted in the minds of others. 

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Black women somehow have unrealistic expectations of being emotionally and physically strong despite the situation or the circumstances.

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