Sion Railway Station Video: Man falls on track after being slapped by husband on suspicion of misbehaving with wife, crushed to death

Sion Railway Station CCTV shows that Dinesh allegedly bumped into Sheetal Mane (30) on the platform and this is what started the whole fight.

Sion Railway Station Video: Man falls on track after being slapped by husband on suspicion of misbehaving with wife, crushed to death -

In a terrifying video that has gone viral on social media, a man from Mumbai tragically died recently after being crushed by a local train at the Sion Railway Station tracks where he fell down after being slapped by a husband on suspicion that he misbehaved with his wife. The shocking Sion Railway Station video is spreading like wildfire and the hair-raising CCTV has sparked a debate among the netizens on social media. As per reports, the man who tragically died was identified as 26-year-old Dinesh Rathod. Dinesh was crushed between a moving local train and the railway platform at Mumbai's Sion station. The tragedy, caught on CCTV, happened around 9:15 pm on Sunday when Dinesh fell on the track after he was slapped by a man during an argument.

In the shocking Sion station video, Dinesh can be seen walking the platform when suddenly a woman standing nearby him started arguing with him. Then a man who was later revealed as her husband came suddenly and slapped Dinesh so hard that he fell on the railway tracks of Sion Station. Suddenly, the local train was seen arriving, Seeing the coming train, Dinesh tried to pull himself up, but the speed of the train was so high that the 26-year-year was crushed to death in front of many people. CCTV shows that Dinesh, wearing a white shirt and trousers of the same colour, allegedly bumped into Sheetal Mane (30) on the platform. A furious Sheetal is then seen hitting Dinesh repeatedly with her umbrella. Soon after, her husband, Avinash (35) slapped Dinesh who lost balance and fell onto the track.

As per reports, Dinesh Rathod used to work for Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport (BEST). The railway police had initially filed an accidental death report (ADR) in connection with the incident. However, CCTV footage from the station confirmed that Dinesh fell on the tracks after being slapped. As a result, the Police later arrested the couple, Sheetal and Avinash.

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A user share the video with the caption saying, "An innocent man lost his life just because a woman thought he was misbehaving with her. Her husband punched this man so hard that he fell on track & got crushed under the train. Incident caught on CCTV. Both Avinash Mane & Sheetal Mane have been arrested for culpable homicide."

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Reacting to this video, a user wrote, "Should have run the other way might have saved himself."

Another user wrote, "He might be the sole breadwinner of the family. All because of a misunderstanding... Again, the woman will walk free as CCTV shows it was her husband who hit him."

"It looks like it was not his fault… it seems that there was a unintentional push from the man in yellow which lead to the lost in balance of the main man and then the unfortunate event… Sad" wrote another user.