‘Smashes N Sixes Friendly League’: Cambridge International School hosts vibrant sports event

The air was charged with the spirit of competition and sheer joy as players of Grade X and XII along with their parents articulated their prowess in the field.

Punjab Trending Smashes N Sixes Friendly League

A Sports Event is a vibrant celebration of sportsmanship, one’s potential and unbridled enthusiasm.

Keeping up with the spirit of the game, Cambridge International School, Co-ed organised ‘Smashes and Sixes Friendly League’ as an initiative to recognise Parental involvement and celebrate the essence of the bond our students share with their parents.

The air was charged with the spirit of competition and sheer joy as players of Grade X and XII along with their parents articulated their prowess in the field.

The proceedings of this day commenced with a rejuvenating Zumba Session which proved to be an invigorating kickstart of the day. The beats of the music, the synchronicity of the dance, and the collective enthusiasm of the participants created an environment of positive energy.  

The Cricket Tournament added zeal with thrilling shots that gripped the spectators. The school playground echoed with the cheers as the match turned into a nail-biting arena.  The teams comprised of fathers and sons who exhibited their skills on the pitch.

The Badminton Tournament comprised of mothers and daughters as a team- wherein they demonstrated collaborative and perseverance skills. The game was a perfect blend of thrill, strategy, and skill, making it a captivating spectacle.

Cambridge proudly honoured Dushyant Sharma, an aspiring, young talented Ex-student of the school, as the Chief Guest. Dushyant is an internationally acclaimed Chess Player who has earned laurels for our school. He won a Silver medal in Commonwealth Chess Tournament held in Sri Lanka and bagged the first position in North zone CBSE Nationals -Under-19. He shared his success story and motivated his fellows to aim high and work with persistence.

The winners were bestowed with medals and the participants were felicitated with certificates of appreciation. The event not only celebrated victories but also emphasized valuable life skills acquired through these experiences.
The friendly league culminated keeping up the true essence of the sport which brought all of us together with
an exhilarating experience brimming with team spirit and camaraderie.

 Our honourable Chairman Mr. Nitin Kohli, Vice Chairman Mr. Deepak Bhatia, Vice President Mr. Parth Bhatia and Executive Director Mr. Dhruv Bhatia applauded the outstanding spirit of the parents for being an eminent part of this friendly endeavour.  They further assured that the school will continue to offer such extra-curricular platforms and remain committed to enrich our learners’ educational experience.   

Our worthy President, Ms. Pooja Bhatia, conveyed her heartwarming wishes to the students and their parents for collaborating in school affairs and enlightened them on the significance of learning to win with humility and lose with grace. Her oration rendered a message that the lessons learned in the playground are the lessons for life.


Our esteemed Principal, Ms. Harleen Mohanty, acknowledged the gracious presence of the parents and appreciated their unwavering support and contribution in every advent.

The Vice–Principal Mr Dinesh Kumar, Headmistress Ms Meenakshi Syal and the entire school fraternity extended their gratitude to the parents and the students for making the event a huge success. Sports Co coordinator Mr. Anurag Bhardwaj as a true mentor led the players with dedication and zeal.