At a time when people are going through daily life tensions and exhaustion, a hilarious 'Snake' video allegedly from Bihar has gone viral on social media. IFS officer Parveen Kaswan took to his Twitter handle on November 24 and shared a video of a 'thief' snake video which has been spreading like a wildfire on social media. In fact, the Bihar thief snake video has been breaking the internet so much that it has also went viral outside India i.e. in USA. While the clip left some giggling, others were not so amused.

Sharing the video on his Twitter handle IFS officer Parveen Kaswan wrote, "I wonder what this snake will do with that chappal. He got no legs. Unknown location." In the viral video, a snake can be seen in the middle of a road. Furthermore, a woman can heard asking the snake not to come near her. However, when the snake approaches her, she threw her slippers. However, the snake caught the slippers and crawled away swiftly from the sight.

Watch the Snake thief video

Although the IFS officer outlined that he is not aware that where the incident took place, by listening, many users stated that it is from Bihar. In fact, a user commented that the thief snake video is from Arrah, Bihar.

Here's how netizens reacted

A user wrote, "May be it's fang or teeth got stuck in the chappal, and only with an external help the snake could save its fang from chappal.

If so the reptile's life is threatened. Did the forest officials do anything to save the reptile?"

Another user wrote, "Visuals from Aarah Bihar, Got this video in today's morning. @ParveenKaswan"

"I think rubber chappal got stuck into the snake's mouth when it bit it. Chappal was thrown at it, and the snake caught it and bit it, but its fangs are stuck into it," wrote another user.

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