Sourav Ganguly discharged on Sunday from Apollo Gleneagles Hospital. He underwent a second round of angioplasy. Ganguly is a former India captain and current BCCI president.

The BCCI president has been advised to be on medication and follow a strict routine for the next few months.

Ganguly was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday after he complained of uneasiness and chest pain. He had complained of chest pain on Tuesday night and as he continued to feel unwell even on Wednesday morning, his family members decided to shift him to the hospital.

On Thursday, a statement, issued by the Apollo Hospital authorities, said that Aftab Khan and a team comprising Ashwin Mehta, Devi Shetty, Ajit Desai, Saroj Mandal and Saptarshi Basu, successfully performed the angioplasty on Ganguly and placed two stents.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who visited Ganguly at the hospital on Thursday, said, "The operation was successful. I spoke to Sourav and his wife Dona. He is awake and speaking."

The 48-year-old had earlier this month suffered a blackout while working out at his personal gym and was admitted to the Woodlands Hospital on January 2.

Ganguly then underwent an angioplasty and other related tests then before being discharged from the hospital on January 7.

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