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Recently, Taiwan (The Republic of China) has done some major changes in its passport cover to avoid any China-related confusions. Taiwan is a sovereign country and claims that it is real China rather than the People's Republic of China whereas Mainland China claims Taiwan as its autonomous territory.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries are very strict toward Chinese travelers and several incidents were reported when Taiwanese were mistakenly identified as Chinese citizens and this is the reason that Taipei decided to opt for some changes in its passport. 

The new passport may come into use from January 2021 and it does not have the large “Republic of China" written on its cover as the previous one but the name is written in Chinese will remain the same. it also has enlarged the fronts of the country's name "Taiwan" in English.

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The foreign minister of Taiwan, Joseph Wu said to media that new passports were needed to prevent their nationals from being mistaken for Chinese citizens, especially with the stepped-up entry checks many countries have begun since the pandemic began.

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