Take a look at how the heart-warming storyline of movie Article 15 is moving the Indian fans

Anubhav Sinha’s film Article 15 released in theatres yesterday and is raising eyebrows on its hypersensitive subject

Cinema is a powerful tool and it has a greater impact on the people than books, dance, music, theatre, making moves based on true events happens to catch the most eyeballs, especially which deals with traumatic situations, like rape and murder.

Anubhav Sinha’s film Article 15 released in theatres yesterday and is raising eyebrows on its hypersensitive subject. Ayushman Khurrana plays an IPS Officer Ayan Ranjan, who’s quite optimistic about the future of the nation.

He gets slapped with the harsh ground reality of the nation, when he gets his first posting in Lalgaun in Uttar Pradesh, where people wear their castes on their sleeves. The movie portrays the dynamics of the caste system the socio-political situation of India.

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A nation where discrimination is everywhere, whether related to race or caste, the officers embark on a journey of acceptance and to change. The film explores rape and murder of two young Dalit girls, a story about caste-based discrimination prevalent in India.

This said to be loosely based on the 2014 Badaun rape case. "In a world of Bollywood cinema, where chest-thumping and nauseating patriotism is celebrated, it is safe to say Article 15 is a daring, and well-meaning courageous, hard-hitting film which plunges right in, unabashedly." Critics

Cinema has a huge impact, especially in India. So a film or show can have humungous psychological effects on the victim, both good and bad. It can also be game-changing in a larger social sense.

The film got several threats from various groups despite that it is getting quite positive reviews from the critics of the cinema. The movie is creating a stir in the society opening many debates in the nation and the anticipation to watch the film is even more in the audience. It managed to open at a good start on 1600 screens across the nation and is expected to perform even better on the weekend.

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