A project is under work regarding a series on the journey of the Tata Group, one of the leading businesses Group in the country, till the date. The series will highlight the works done by the Tata Group in the last 200 years.

Movie production has required the rights of the book, ' The Tatas: How a Family Built a Business and a Nation'. The book is written by Senior Journalist, Girish Kuber. The series will represent the life story of the entire Parasi family including the ancestors of Ratan Tata, former Chairman of Tata Sons.

The news has been confirmed by Prabhalin Kaur Sandhu of the production house 'Almighty Motion Picture'. The series will cover the whole story in three seasons and the OTT platform has not been revealed yet. The research work regarding the series has already begun. According to the sources, the writing procedure of the story also started.

The series will tell you how the Tata Group became the Tata Group and contributed to Nation-building. The struggles of the Tata family and the road to success. The storyline for the series will remain the same as in the story written in the book.

According to the sources, the shooting of the series is expected to begin in six to seven months. The casting of the series is not done yet. The fans of Ratan Tata will soon witness his life story on the screen.

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