Gamers all across the world have been keenly waiting for the new update while gamers in India had to go through a long wait for PUBG to be back. Earlier this week the officials had announced that the pre-registration for the new update had crossed the 150 Million mark. Tencent had also offered exciting advantages to the ones who pre-registered. 

The developers of the game have set different rewards for the players who unlock different milestones of pre-registration releasing later this week. The rewards to the different milestones will be revealed once the contest is over. According to sources the new update will have a number of new features available to enhance the experience for gamers. The update 1.5 will have new and exciting things to explore like the Anti-gravity motorcycle and MG3 Gun.

There are big challenges that the new Anti-gravity vehicle will bring in the game. Not being limited to the terrain changes a lot of things about the gameplay. The MG3 Machine Gun however will be a multi-functioning kit to the players. It is powered by 7.62mm Ammo which makes it bulky but useful for causing effective damage.

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Tencent will soon be announcing the dates for PUBG mobile season 20 later this week.

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